Have you been 

Certified & Verified ?

Doctors Nurses Therapist etc

The verification program for medical professionals involves several steps to ensure that the person being verified has the necessary qualifications and credentials. 

Here is the general outline of how this program works:

  • Criteria for verification: 7Medic checks credentials required for medical professionals in your field. This includes academic degrees, licenses, certifications, and professional memberships

  • Documentation: 7medic checks provide copies of diplomas, licenses, certifications, and other relevant documentation. Verify employment history and background check

  • Information verification: 7medic contacts relevant institutions and organizations. Verification of provided by the medical professional. 
    This includes contacting universities, licensing boards, certification agencies, and professional associations

  • Interviews: 7medic conducts interviews with medical professionals to assess their knowledge, skills, and experience. This may involve providing examples of your work or to complete practical tasks.
    References review: Contact the medical professional's references for additional information about their skills and experience.

  • Determination: Based on the information collected, 7medic determine the medical professional's qualifications and credentials. This will involve a verification certificate or denial of Verify Status.
    Maintain records: 7medic records the verification process and will store all documentation collected and communications with the medical professional and relevant institutions.

What you get

  • Resume / CV assistance
  • ​Access to training Videos
  • Job assistance
  • Practical trading week if needed
  • Access to Medical Institutions & Job offerings
  • Helpline
  • Batch